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2015 First Book Institute

The 2015 First Book Institute was co-directed by CALS Director Sean X. Goudie and Priscilla Wald, Professor of English and Women's Studies at Duke University. Institute faculty included Penn State professors Michael Bérubé, Hester Blum, Chris Castiglia, Tina Chen, Jonathan Eburne, John Marsh, Shirley Moody-Turner, Ben Schreier, Linda Selzer, Shuang Shen, and Scott Smith.

2015 First Book Institute Participants and Projects

Back Row: Doug Guerra, Shaundra Myers, Phil Maciak, Jenny Rhee, Sean Goudie
Front Row: Andrew Rippeon, Jesus Constantino, Sarah Ensor, Priscilla Wald, Tara Fickle


Jesus Constantino, Assistant Professor of English, Notre Dame University

  • Project Title: Fighting Form: Boxing and the Violence of Aesthetic Formalism, 1880-1950

Sarah Ensor, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Portland State University

  • Project Title: Spinster Ecology: Rethinking Relation in the American Literary Environment

Tara Fickle, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Oregon

  • Project Title: Serious Play: Race, Game, Asian American Literature


Doug Guerra, Assistant Professor of Literature and Technology, State University of New York at Oswego

  • Project Title: On the Move: Games and Gaming Figures in Nineteenth-Century U.S. Literature


Phil Maciak, Assistant Professor of English, Louisiana State University

  • Project Title: The Disappearing Christ: Secularism in the Silent Era


Shaundra Myers, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Northwestern University

  • Project Title: Worlds beyond Brown: Race, Embodiment, and the Remapping of Integration in African American Literature


Jenny Rhee, Assistant Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Project Title: Anthropomorphic Attachments: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Literature, Art, Technology, and War


Andrew Rippeon, Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing, Hamilton College

  • Project Title: Lyric Resource: Sound Technologies and Lyric Criticality

Photos from the 2015 First Book Institute

Co-Director Priscilla Wald offers advice to Phil Maciak and Tara Fickle during an afternoon workshop.

Shaundra Myers leads a discussion on an influential book chapter.

Doug Guerra explains the origins of his book project to the group.


For more photos from the 2015 First Book Institute, click here.

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