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Graduate Awards for Research or Training Seminars

In order to encourage and facilitate Penn State graduate students' professional engagement with academic peers across rank and discipline, the Center for American Literary Studies annually awards up to $700 each for one to two students to attend Summer Seminars or Institutes. These seminars and institutes provide students with long-term opportunities for intellectual exchange and development in the study or teaching of American literature, culture, and history, broadly defined.

Previous winners have attended seminars such as the Dartmouth Institute for Future Studies and the Amsterdam Summer Seminar on Black Europe and have greatly benefited from and contributed to these collaborative events.

How to Apply

Graduate students interested in applying for a stipend to support attendance at a summer seminar or institute should submit a one-page statement that includes the following information:

    1. Seminar or Institute to which you are applying
    2. Relevance to current research or dissertation project
    3. Estimated budget

Applications should be signed by the student's dissertation advisor or by another qualified faculty member. Applications are due on April 1. Awards will be made upon return from the seminar or institute; receipts are required.

Possibile Seminars and Institutes

Many research institutions host such seminars; a few representative summer programs are listed below, although there are various other possibilities. Be sure to consult your advisors for more specific recommendations.

Futures of American Studies Institute

(Note: Penn State is affiliated with the Futures of American Studies Institute; the Institute will reserve space for any Penn State graduate student receiving institutional support.)

American Antiquarian Society Summer Seminar

Center for Historic American Visual Culture Summer Seminar

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell

Newberry Library Seminars

Rare Book School, University of Virginia

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