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Imaginary Vistas: An Americanist Symposium Series

Imaginary Vistas was an annual lecture series dedicated to exploring the social, historical, and literary potential of "imagination" in America that ran from 2008 (in its Inaugural Series) to 2014. From the moment in 1630 when John Winthrop, fleeing religious persecution in the Old World, declared Boston a "city on the hill" to Martin Luther King's 1962 speech envisioning a nation without racial segregation and beyond, the United States has been a land of inventive and often audacious visionaries. Imaginary Vistas aimed to celebrate and continue this tradition by bringing to Penn State the most innovative critics of America's imaginative literature.

Previous Speakers and Events

2013-2014: The Social, the Surface, and the Superficial

2012-2013: Rising Early Symposium


Inaugural Series

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