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Previous CALS Dissertation Fellows

2020-2021 Award Winner

Aaren Pastor, "Magicians Unbound: Modernism's Counterhumanist Challenge to Man" 

2019-2020 Award Winners

Akash Belsare, "Humanimal Narratives: Genre and Animality in Contemporary Ethnic Literatures"

Liana Glew, "Documenting Insanity: Institutional Narratives in Psychiatric History" 

2017-2018 Award Winner

Jace Gatzemeyer, "These United States: Modernism and the Regionalist Imagination in American Literature, 1914-1945"

2016-2017 Award Winner

Nathaniel Windon, "Gilded Old Age: Inheritance and American Literature, 1877-1918"

2015-2016 Award Winner

Erica Stevens, "Social Lives: Nineteenth-Century New Orleans in Literature"

2014-2015 Award Winners

Abe Foley, "By What Channels: Assembling Contemporary Literature"

Bob Volpicelli, "On the Circuit: Transatlantic Modernism and the U.S. Lecture Tour, 1880-1945"

2013-2014 Award Winner

Ethan Mannon, “Reading the Earth Workers: The Georgic Mode in Twentieth-Century American Writing”

2011-2012 Award Winners

John Belk, “Persuasive Verse: Poetry as Political Discourse in Twentieth-Century America”

Mark Sturges, “Dwelling on the Land: The Literature of Place from Jefferson to Thoreau”

2010-2011 Award Winners

Peter Collins, “Reimagining the Free Market: American Literature and Economics from the Progressive Era through the Great Depression”

Jeffrey Gonzalez, “Necessary Fictions: the U.S. Novel in the End of Ideology”

Dustin Kennedy, "The American Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Fiction"

2009-2010 Award Winners

Brian Neff, "Frightening Masculinity: Gothic Affect and Antebellum Manhood"

Eric Norton, "Queer Mobs and Other Freaks: A Theory of Literary History"

2008-2009 Award Winner

Amy Clukey, "Plantation Modernism"