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Turn, Turn, Turn: A CALS Symposium

Monday, October 8, 2012

From the event description:

In the past decade literary studies has undergone a series of field redefinitions that have been characterized as "turns," including (but far from limited to) the spatial, temporal, postnational, hemispheric, secular, and ethical turns. Symposium participants will reflect theoretically and methodologically on the moments in which the field of literary studies seems to gather itself and venture in presumably new directions--when momentums shift, when an approach practiced by a few becomes a movement, when there is impetus for change in a field.

Through this symposium, the Penn State community was able to enjoy a day of lively discussions of a variety of specific turns in literary criticism, including the cartographic, Carribean, oceanic, and more. The sessions were packed throughout the day, and the crowd's energy helped to provide exciting question and answer panels at the end of each session.