2021 Community Read

For 2021, Centre County Reads/CALS Community Read celebrated Deirdre Mask, author of The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power. Our programming this year explored questions related to mobility, legislation, and public health and included a roundtable discussion and a writing contest before chatting with Mask herself via Zoom on March 23. Be sure to check out the Centre County Reads website for additional info. All events were free and open to the public.

Read CALS undergraduate intern Sophie Stein's review of Mask's book in the Centre Daily Times, or listen to it on WPSU's BookMark!


Launch of the "Forms of Address" Writing Contest | All entries were due March 15, 2021

This contest was part of the 2021 Centre County Reads/CALS Community Read of The Address Book: What Street Addresses Reveal About Identity, Race, Wealth, and Power—a Finalist for the 2020 Kirkus Prize for Nonfiction—in which author Deirdre Mask examines the ways in which street addresses provide for ongoing race, class, and other divisions.

Relatedly, “forms of address” denote guidelines for how to address properly government officials and professional persons, and religious dignitaries and royal figures, among others, in spoken greetings and written documents. Inspired by the range of styles, occasions, and categories “forms of address” encompass, contestants entered their best writing—7,500 words or less—in which someone (or something) addresses someone or something else in ways that signal and/or unsettle hierarchical attitudes, ideas, and assumptions.

Winners received a $200 grand prize. Winning entries were displayed at Schlow Centre Region Library and on the CALS website.

Congratulations to all of our winners! Read the prize-winning writing contest entries here.

Book Discussion: Focus on Public Health | Tuesday, February 16, 6:30-7:30 PM EST via Zoom


Everybody Storytime | Wednesday, March 3, 10 AM EST via Zoom

All-Ages Storytime | Tuesday, March 9, Pre-recorded | View here

General Book Discussion | Friday, March 12, 1-2 PM EST via Zoom

"Addressing Inequity" | Monday, March 15 | 4-5PM EST via Zoom

In this roundtable discussion, three invited panelists used The Address Book as a launch point for a broader discussion about how addresses and other place markers provide, or withhold, access to power and mobility. Treating specific case studies (Black travel guidebooks; what3words.com; and the U. S. postal service), panelists suggested strategies that have been, and might yet be, employed to navigate or otherwise redress inequities that place markers of various kinds demarcate.

Featured Panelists:AI roundtable

  • Christy Pottroff, Assistant Professor of English, Boston College
  • Eunice Toh, Graduate Student in English and African American and Diaspora Studies, Penn State
  • Ashley Marie Cashion, Strategic Partnerships Director, USA, what3words


  • Robbin Degeratu, Administrative Director, Centre County Library & Historical Museum


Watch the Addressing Inequity roundtable here.


Book Discussion: Focus on Legislative Districting | Saturday, March 20, 10-11 AM EST via Zoom

An Evening with Deirdre Mask | Tuesday, March 23 | 7-8PM EST via Zoom

The culminating event was moderated by Lorraine Dowler, Associate Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Professor of Geography and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Penn State. Deirdre Mask connected with the audience via Zoom to discuss her work.




General Book Discussion | Wednesday, March 24, 7-8 PM EST via Zoom


General Book Discussion | Wednesday, April 21, 6:30-7:30 PM EST via Zoom