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2019 First Book Institute

The 2019 First Book Institute was co-directed by CALS Director Sean X. Goudie and Priscilla Wald, R. Florence Brinkley Professor of English and Women's Studies at Duke University. Institute faculty included Penn State faculty Hester Blum, Kendra Boilieau (PSU Press), Christopher Castiglia, Tina Chen, Gordon Fraser, Christian Haines, John Marsh, Sandra Spanier, A.K. Sandoval-Strausz, Matt Tierney, and Sarah Townsend.

2019 FBI
2019's Participants: Back Row (L-R): Christopher A. Eng, Emily Hainze, Don James McLaughlin, Cristina Pérez Jiménez, co-director Priscilla Wald, Alex Mazzaferro; Front Row (L-R): Christy Pottroff, Nissa Ren Cannon, Jesse Miller, co-director Sean Goudie

Congratulations to the eight successful applicants to this year’s institute!  They are: 

  • Nissa Ren Cannon, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kilachand Honors College, Boston University

Project Title: Paper Identities and Identity Papers: Documents of Interwar Expatriation and Modernist Writing

  • Chris A. Eng, Assistant Professor of English, Syracuse University

Project Title: States of Provisionality: Improvising Queer Extravagance in Asian American Camps

  • Emily Hainze, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kilachand Honors College, Boston University

Project Title:  Incorrigible: Writing from the Early Women’s Prison in the United States

Project Title: No Newe Enterprize: Empirical Political Science and the Problem of Innovation in the Colonial English Americas

Project Title: Infectious Affect: The Phobic Imagination in American Literature

  • Jesse Miller, Clinical Assistant Professor of Writing, School of Management, University at Buffalo

Project Title: The Birth of the Literary Clinic: Modernism, Bibliotherapy, and the Aesthetics of Health, 1916-1944

Project Title: Here to Stay: The Making of Latinx New York, 1931-1951

Project Title: Citizen Technologies: The U.S. Post Office and the Transformation of Nineteenth-Century American Literature

(L-R) Nissa Ren Cannon, Emily Hainze, Jesse Miller, Cristina Pérez Jiménez, and Alex Mazzaferro discuss the format and genre of the book proposal on the first day of the 2019 First Book Institute


Actual Eng/Cannon 2019
Chris Eng and Nissa Ren Cannon, at head of table, lead 2019 FBI participants in a guided freewrite


2019 Pottroff workshop
Christy Pottroff, left, works through the themes and narratives of her book project with the help of Chris Eng, Alex Mazzaferro, Priscilla Wald, and Don James McLaughlin


Perez Jimenez/Mazzaferro 2019 FBI
Cristina Pérez Jiménez and Alex Mazzaferro, at head of table, lead a discussion on how to write to and from multiple disciplines, while (L-R) Priscilla Wald, Christy Pottroff, Nissa Ren Cannon, Jesse Miller, Sean Goudie, Chris Eng, and Emily Hainze listen


FBI 2019
FBI 2019 participants crowd in as Cristina Pérez Jiménez takes a group selfie. Back row: Alex Mazzaferro, Don James McLaughlin; Middle Row: Chris Eng, Emily Hainze, Priscilla Wald, Sean Goudie; Front Row: Christy Pottroff, Nissa Ren Cannon, Jesse Miller, grad assistant Miriam Gonzales