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Michael Young

Year: 2023

The 2023 CALS Summer Graduate Fellow was Michael Young for his dissertation titled Twentieth Century Sophistries: Popular Science, Human Manuals, and American Rhetorical History, directed by Debbie Hawhee.

Sabrina Evans

Year: 2022

The 2022 CALS Summer Graduate Fellow was Sabrina Evans for her dissertation titled, Continuous Dignified Action: Black Clubwomen’s Literary, Intellectual, and Public Activism in Defense of Black Dignity, directed by Shirley Moody-Turner.

Katie Warczak

Year: 2022

Katie Warczak, Being Human: The Intersections of Animality, Race, Disability, and Eugenics in Modernist Literature (directed by Michael Bérubé and Keith Gilyard).

Justin Smith

Year: 2022

Justin Smith, for research at the Beinecke Library at Yale University

Justus Peña Berman

Year: 2021

The 2021 CALS Summer Graduate Fellow was Justus Peña Berman, for his dissertation titled Technoracialization: Race, Technology, and Media in Contemporary Latinx and Asian American Literature, directed by Tina Chen.

Aaren Pastor

Year: 2021

Aaren Pastor, Magicians Unbound: Modernism’s Counterhumanist Challenge to Man

Yi-Ting Chang

Year: 2020

The 2020 CALS Summer Graduate Fellow was Yi-Ting Chang, for her dissertation titled "Independence’s Others: Decolonial Taiwan in the Transpacific."

Akash Belsare

Year: 2020

Akash Belsare, Humanimal Narratives: Genre and Animality in Contemporary Ethnic Literatures

Liana Glew

Year: 2020

Liana Glew, Documenting Insanity: Institutional Narratives in Psychiatric History

Layli Miron

Year: 2020

Layli Miron, for the 2019 Rhetoric Society of America’s Summer Institute

Smith Headshot

Justin Smith, a past CALS Graduate Research Assistant and recipient of CALS travel funding, has accepted a position at Randolph-Macon College, where he will serve as an Assistant Professor of English and Black Studies. Congratulations, Justin, on this fantastic job market success!

Evans Headshot

Sabrina Evans, winner of the 2022 CALS Summer Graduate Fellowship, has accepted a faculty position at Howard University, where she will serve as an Assistant Professor of English specializing in African American Literature. Howard is home to the Moorland Spingarn Research Center, whose archives are central to Sabrina's research. Congratulations, Sabrina, on this outstanding job market success!